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Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney Right Away


The road ahead of you as you enter into a divorce, or even just consider filing for divorce, will be as unique as it is unknown. To confidently move forward, you should work with a trustworthy divorce attorney that will understand the situation and be able to provide personalized representation. How do you know if the lawyer of your choice will be the right fit for your case?

Ask your divorce attorney these questions sooner rather than later:

  • How experienced are you with family law and divorce cases?
    There is no substitute for the experience an attorney can get by directly handling client cases. You will want to find an attorney with plenty of experience, in and out of court. The longer they have been taking cases like yours, the less likely they will be surprised or caught off-guard by the law firm working with your spouse.
  • Have you been recognized for your casework and representation?
    There are various professional organizations that dedicate themselves to reviewing and rating lawyers and law firms. An attorney who has been able to earn titles and awards from such groups is already recognized as a leader in their community and among their peers.
  • Do you work alone, or will a team help manage my case?
    Some law firms are small businesses with one lawyer and someone answering the phones. While this is fine for some situations, it is not ideal if you have a divorce that may include complications. On the other hand, law firms that work as a team can bounce ideas off one another and overcome legal obstacles faster than solo law firms.
  • How do you think my case will develop?
    You can never know for certain how your divorce will progress, but a valuable divorce attorney should be able to give you a fair assessment of your situation. By assessing the aspects of your divorce, like child custody and property settlement, your divorce lawyer should be able to tell you what you can likely expect and how to prepare yourself for it.

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At McIntyre Tate LLP, our team of divorce attorneys have more than 150 years of collective experience and an intentional focus on difficult family law cases. Throughout the years, we have been acclaimed and awarded again and again, including multiple Best Lawyers® Best Law Firms awards by U.S. News & World Report. You can depend on us for negotiations out of court and representation in court, if need be. With all of our talents considered, we are confident we are the right choice for your divorce case.

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