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Enforcement of Orders

Enforcing Divorce Orders in Rhode Island

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The completion of a divorce process is rarely the end of family law issues; other problems can come up when either spouse decides to stray away from the agreement, which can cause the other spouse a great deal of stress or hardship. For this reason, you have the right to petition the court to enforce your divorce agreement through legal means.

Seeking an enforcement action is a difficult legal process and should not be attempted without representation and counsel from a Rhode Island family attorney. McIntyre Tate LLP has the experience of hundreds of family law matters at their disposal, and may be able to assist you with ensuring your divorce agreement is adhered to. Our team has earned several industry accolades, including recognition from Super Lawyers and being named one of the “Best Law Firms” by U.S. News & World Report for each of the past five years.

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Ways to Enforce Orders in Rhode Island

In order to legally enforce a provision of your divorce agreement, you must go through the proper legal process. An attorney from our firm can assist you with the necessary steps to ensure they are completed properly the first time.

You may seek legal assistance with enforcement of these divorce provisions:

The process begins by filing a contempt motion with the court and serving notice to your ex-spouse. Once this motion has been served, you will both need to appear before the court for a hearing. During this hearing, you will present the evidence of the violation in order for the court to find your claim of contempt valid. Should the judge decide your claim is valid and your ex is in contempt of court, they will be required to fix the issue or further, more severe actions will be taken against them.

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