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Product Liability

Rhode Island Product Liability Defense Lawyer

Rhode Island's Leading Product Liability Defense Law Firm

When consumers purchase a product, they have a certain expectation of what it will provide. Once in a while, their expectations may not be met, and, as a result, they file a product liability claim. Our Rhode Island product liability attorneys have litigated claims involving a range of products, including automotive, industrial, and consumer products. With more than 150 years of combined experience, we have successfully litigated manufacturing defect and design defect claims to verdict, and are adept at winning the "battle of experts" that often accompanies these claims.

Defend Your Brand: Rhode Island's Trusted Product Defense

No matter how carefully constructed or well thought-out a product may be, product liability litigation has the potential to ruin a company's reputation. At McIntyre Tate LLP, we know that when that reputation is on the line, an aggressive and pro-active defense is necessary.

  • Comprehensive Defense Against Various Product Claims:
  • Automotive products
  • ABS braking systems
  • Airbags and supplemental restraints
  • Electronic fuel systems
  • Sudden acceleration claims
  • Industrial products
  • Factory equipment
  • Chemical products
  • Consumer products
  • Industrial safety products
  • Construction products

Secure Your Business Interests with Proven Defense Strategies

If your company is currently being accused of designing, manufacturing, or advertising an unsafe product, it is imperative that you retain strong legal counsel. McIntyre Tate LLP is committed to ensuring your company and product's names are not dragged through the mud as a result of a product liability claim.

We have the resources necessary to handle even the most complex and overwhelming cases. Contact our firm to meet with a Rhode Island product liability lawyer to learn more about your legal options and how we can assist you.

Unparalleled Experience. Unsurpassed Service. Unmatched Dedication.

  • Every case prepared thoroughly for trial if court intervention or litigation becomes necessary
  • We are highly selective about the cases we take on & limit our caseload to ensure individualized service
  • We utilize networks of paralegals, support staff, & experts needed to leverage high-end cases
  • We work as a cohesive team to create concise legal solutions & compassionate client services
  • Five of our attorneys each have 25+ years’ family law experience – a depth of practice few others can match.