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Rhode Island Divorce Attorneys

Learn the Laws & Processes of Divorce in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Divorce

Divorce can be extremely stressful and emotional for all parties involved. At McIntyre Tate LLP, we understand that filing for divorce in Rhode Island is a very individualistic and personal experience, not just another legal process. Our lawyers have more than 150 years of combined legal experience and are committed to guiding you in the least stressful manner possible.

Let an Experienced Lawyers in Providence Take Care of Everything

Our priority is to provide you with compassionate and personalized legal representation in order to obtain successful results. Throughout the decades we have been in practice, we have represented clients in a wide range of divorce cases. Our firm has the resources and experience to handle virtually any issue that can arise, whether it is an amicable or contested case.

Our firm regularly helps clients in Rhode Island successfully resolve the most difficult and stressful issues, including:

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Unique Divorce Cases & Situations

At McIntyre Tate, we understand that every case is different and strive to give it the unique attention it deserves. Our divorce attorneys are here to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have about your case.

How to File for Divorce in RI

Before filing for divorce in Rhode Island, there is a residency requirement that must be considered. You or your spouse must have been domiciled in the state of Rhode Island for at least one year. The term “domicile” refers to your primary residence. Consider the fact that a person may be a resident of more than one state, but may only have one domicile. A domicile is usually the address on your driver’s license, car registration, voter registration, etc.

When you are ready to file, you may do so in the Family Court county where you reside. If you wish to file for divorce and do not meet the requirement, but your spouse does, they must be served with the Summons and Complaint for Divorce before you are able to file. In this situation, the divorce is to be filed in the county where the other spouse resides, or in Providence County.

The divorce process begins when the spouse seeking a divorce files a petition with the court. The petition describes why the spouse wants a divorce and outlines a plan for settling financial issues and custody/visitation arrangements (if children are involved). After the petition is filed, it will be served to the other spouse in person, either by a local sheriff or by a private constable. The spouse then will need to provide a response, generally within 20 days.

Once the spouse responds to the petition, both parties will exchange information concerning income, property, and assets. If the parties settle through mediation, they will present the final written agreement to a family court judge to sign. However, if the parties are unable to reach a mutual agreement, the case will go to trial.

During litigation, each party will present evidence in support of claims regarding a variety of issues. These issues often deal with child support, child custody, alimony, and division of assets and property. Once all the evidence has been considered, the judge will make a final decision regarding the case. Our divorce lawyers have guided hundreds of clients through the divorce process. We can tenaciously uphold your interests as you seek a favorable solution.

How a Divorce Lawyer in Rhode Island Can Help You

The divorce process is often complicated and emotionally traumatic. Our experienced divorce attorneys can guide you every step of the way. While some divorce cases may be simple and amicable, it is still important to seek the help of a knowledgeable lawyer to protect your interests and uphold your rights. Our firm combines compassionate services with tenacious representation. We can provide the legal assistance you need as you seek a beneficial outcome.

Generally, you should seek legal representation especially if the divorce involves:

In addition, if you think your spouse is lying during the process or withholding information or has already hired legal counsel, you should obtain representation as soon as possible.

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Our divorce attorneys in Rhode Island can gather evidence to build your case and discuss your options to determine a course of action. At McIntyre Tate LLP, we are passionate about finding effective legal solutions for complicated divorce issues. Whether your case goes through mediation or litigation, our compassionate lawyers can diligently represent you from start to finish.

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