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McIntyre Tate team of Attorneys Deborah Tate and Robert Parker Win in Parental Relocation Case


A McIntyre Tate team of Attorneys Deborah Tate and Robert Parker recently won an appeal of a parental relocation decision. On November 15, 2019, the Rhode Island Supreme Court issued a decision affirming the Family Court’s ruling in favor of our client, a father who opposed the relocation of his children from Rhode Island to Ohio. The Supreme Court agreed with our arguments on appeal that the Family Court properly weighed all the factors affecting a decision to relocate and found that a relocation of the children was not in their best interests. Among these factors, the Court noted that the mother did not demonstrate that she had greater employment opportunities in Ohio. The Court also found that the children were “flourishing” in Rhode Island and was not convinced their emotional well being would be enhanced by a move to Ohio. The Court further found that although the mother was the children’s primary caregiver, the evidence showed that both parents were deeply involved with the children. The Court also agreed with the arguments of Attorneys Tate and Parker that the children had a sufficient support system in Rhode Island, and that a move to Ohio was not warranted for this reason either. Finally, the Rhode Island Supreme Court noted that the Family Court judge made forty-four findings of fact as a result of an extensive trial that were amply supported by the record.

Parental relocation cases are often difficult and complex, and the Rhode Island Supreme Court’s decision in favor of McIntyre Tate’s client is a testament to the hard work of Attorneys Tate and Parker.

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