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Visitation Schedules in Rhode Island: Residential, Holiday & Vacation


Visitation schedules are used in Rhode Island to help a child see both parents at predictable intervals after a divorce. The parent who did not receive primary physical child custody will get to see their child through visitation. It is important to find a fair, balanced visitation schedule that upholds your child’s best interests and happiness.

To begin, you should know that visitation can be arranged in the following situations:

  • Weekly: The weekly schedule will be the groundwork of your child’s visitation schedule. It allows for your child to temporarily visit the noncustodial parent, and may even allow them to live with them for briefs amount of time. For example, the weekly visitation schedule may allow your child to spend every other weekend with your ex-spouse.
  • Holiday: A holiday visitation schedule makes special considerations for the holidays your family observes. Courts consider it potentially damaging to a child’s development to not spend time with both parents during the holiday season.
  • Vacation: A vacation visitation schedule may be proposed if your child does not attend summer school or summer camp and will have long stretches of free time in the summer. In many cases, divorced parents work the hardest to come up with a workable vacation visitation schedule to help balance their parental responsibilities during the summer. Otherwise, one parent may end up feeling completely overwhelmed until school is back in session.

You must also account for electronic contact. For example, depending on the age of your child, it is common to allow your ex-spouse to text, call, and email your child a certain number of times per day or week.

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McIntyre Tate LLP and our Rhode Island visitation attorneys can help you come up with visitation schedules that will please your ex-spouse, your child, and the court. Being first established more than 30 years ago and having more than 150 years of combined legal experience, our team is truly prepared for any complication or concern that may arise. Let’s talk about your options today. Contact us at your first opportunity.

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