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Obtaining a Restraining Order in Rhode Island


Rhode Island Family Lawyers, Helping Protect You

Family law issues are always sensitive, but perhaps none more sensitive than domestic violence. When someone living with you, becomes physically or mentally abusive, including a spouse, it is imperative that you get to safety and seek help as soon as possible. One way to protect yourself is to obtain a protective or restraining order from the court.

At McIntyre Tate, LLP, our team understands the importance of helping you obtain one of these orders, which is why we work quickly to help you obtain this legal protection when you are a victim of domestic violence. We proudly stand up for domestic violence victims, and we work hard to ensure that your protective order maintains your safety to the maximum possible extent. This includes both you and your children, including helping you obtain a temporary custody order.

If you need assistance obtaining a restraining or custody order, call McIntyre Tate, LLP today at (401) 351-7700.

­How to Obtain a Restraining Order

Protective and restraining orders are given by either a district or family court. There are three basic types: emergency, temporary, and final orders. In many cases, these orders can be given in succession, depending on how your case progresses.

You may be able to obtain a restraining order when you are subject abuse, including when an abuser:

  • Causes or attempts to cause you or your children physical harm
  • Places you or your children in fear of physical harm, including making threats
  • Forces you to have sex against your will by force, threat, or coercion
  • Stalks you or your children (including cyberstalking)
  • Harasses or verbally abuses you or your children

Your safety is a serious issue, and our team understands your need when you come to us for help with a protective order. We waste no time in seeking immediate protection on your behalf, and can even help you assemble a case to help any emergency or temporary orders become final if necessary.

We may be able to help you obtain a restraining order; contact McIntyre Tate, LLP online and put us on your side.

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