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Are Millennials Really Divorcing Less Often Than Past Generations?


Just a few years ago, if you asked a marriage counselor or another professional from a similar profession about the divorce rate in the United States, they would probably quickly say it is roughly 50%. Today, that high estimate is actually too high, as new data shows the divorce rate is dropping among Millennials.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) actually keeps track of marriage and divorce statistics as part of its all-encompassing efforts to see what is making Americans sick, including emotionally. According to its 2016 findings — 2017 and 2018 data is still being compiled and studied — the divorce rate is down approximately 18% since 2008. This is a big number, and Millennials seem to be mostly behind the trend.

Why are Millennials Staying Married More Often?

Based on the findings of the CDC, it seems that Millennials are taking longer to get married. Fewer of them than compared to previous generations are rushing into a marriage, but rather take several years to decide to marry their partner. This extra time of courtship allows people to really get to know one another, right down to lifelong goals and deepest core beliefs. It all adds up to a reduced chance of divorce later.

Millennials have also shaken the social stigma that once surrounded cohabitation. In the past, if people moved in together before getting married, then it was likely they would be seen in lesser light by their family and peers. By embracing cohabitation as an important, healthy step in a relationship, Millennials are further enabled to get to know their partners before deciding to marry them.

There is a flip-side of the dropping rate: marriage is in decline as well. In the last few decades, marriage rates have dropped by 8%, and it looks as if Millennials will keep this trend. The underlying problem appears to be the expenses related to marriage. Millennials are less likely to be able to afford the luxuries of marriage and a wedding ceremony, and may feel deterred to marry at all.

(Good Housekeeping recently published an article about these trends. Click here if you would like to view it in full.)

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