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Attorney David J. Strachman Quoted in Bloomberg News


McIntyre Tate LLP partner, David J. Strachman, was quoted in Bloomberg News on the newly enacted Justice Against the Sponsors of Terrorism Act. Congress enacted this statute to expand the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and allow terrorism victims to sue state sponsors of terrorism.

The statute targeted Saudi Arabia after intense lobbying by 9/11 victims who long have sought justice for the death and injury to their loved ones. In the article, Attorney Strachman discussed difficulties in collecting judgments against foreign sovereignties.

Strachman is a national authority on terrorism litigation, the author of Terrorism Litigation (Lawyers and Judges Publishing 2008 and 2012) and has taught at local law schools on the subject after bringing a series of lawsuits on behalf of terrorism victims in the federal courts of Rhode Island, New York, and Washington, DC. He has also litigated federal collection actions throughout the United States on behalf of terrorist victims for the last 15 years.

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