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Rhode Island's Voluntary Adoption Registry


For the past twenty years, Rhode Island has maintained a voluntary adoption registry that allows for the registration of adoptions and for individuals to obtain information about registered adoptions.

The registry is maintained by the Family Court and is accessable to the public, subject to the applicable laws and court rules.

The Family Court website provides:

The Family Court is now maintaining a voluntary adoption reunion registry. The registry is located on the second floor, Juvenile Department, in the Garrahy Judicial Complex, One Dorrance Plaza, Providence, Rhode Island 02903. Persons eligible to register are: adult adoptees (age twenty-one (21) and over) who were born and adopted in the State of Rhode Island; birthparents who surrendered a child for adoption in the State of Rhode Island; adult genetic sibling of adoptee; adoptive parents of deceased adoptee; and parent or adult siblings of deceased birthparent.

The statute can be found here.

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